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Prasun Sangroula

In this 21st century, technology has taken a considerable space in every sector. It is tough to found a place where technology has not left its footprints. With the running time technology has contributed a significant effect on the way people live, work, and play.

The growing industry, innovation, and change in the education system are showcasing a bright future in the IT sector. From last few years, Nepal has gained a lot of success in this field. Each day Nepali developers are developing new software and applications.

Recently, Nepali team “SochWare” won the Imagine Cup Award in Artificial Intelligence (AI) organized by Microsoft which can also be also considered as one of the most significant achievements for Nepal’s IT industry.

The young generations are showing a high level of interest in this field; that’s why the competition is growing day by day.

 Even the government is pressing on these matters. They are working for the concept of ‘Smart City.’ Just recently Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has launched free Wi-Fi service in 6 different places of Kathmandu.

The progression of technology would not have been possible without proper study. Studies related to technologies are generally known as Information Technology (IT) education.

In the present context of Nepal, IT education has got an enormous amount of hype. Students enrolling in IT education is increasing year by year. There are around 50 colleges in Nepal that facilities IT education. The craze towards IT education is not limited within Nepal; there are many Nepalese students who go abroad for an IT course.

Why IT education in Nepal?
Nepal is a developing country. In a developing country like Nepal, the scope of IT is very broad because each day a lot of projects, plans and policies are created over here which are impossible to run without IT manpowers. If we look at the current scene, we can see that many projects are being halted due to the lack of skilled IT human resources.

Demands of IT forces?
With the pace of time many software, applications and websites have been developed. Likewise, it is sure that in future there is going to be a great need for different IT ideas which can only be fulfilled by IT forces.

Scopes for IT professions
The area for IT professions is extensive in all over the world. Likewise, in Nepal also there are numbers of the platform where they can explore their skills and ability. Some of the essential zones where an IT officer can show their efforts are software development, website development, security management, education and among others.

Hence, in conclusion, we can assume that the call for an IT officer in Nepal is excessively high. The one who is doing an IT course will almost have a proper job placement in the future.


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