18th April 2024, Kathmandu

Jagadamba Mobiles Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Shanker group, proudly announces the exclusive partnership with BOULT, India’s fastest-growing wearable brand. With this, Jagdamba Mobiles is now officially the national distributor for BOULT in Nepal, all set to redefine the smart wearable landscape of Nepal.

According to Jagadamba Mobiles Pvt. Ltd., the company is introducing a range of BOULT smartwatches and TWS earbuds, catering to different consumer needs and preferences. The smartwatch collection, comprising the Ripple, Crown R Pro, Drift 2, Crown, and Dive X, embodies a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced functionality.

Each model is meticulously crafted to cater to unique consumer preferences, offering a comprehensive array of features and capabilities. Complementing this, the TWS lineup, featuring Maverick, X10 Pro, K45, K35, K60, X70, and X45, exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering a superior audio experience. These TWS models are anticipated to provide users with a seamless and high-fidelity wireless audio solution, characterized by innovative features and top-tier performance.

Commenting on this, Saksham Jatia, Executive Director of Jagadamba Mobiles Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are excited to join hands with BOULT, a leading name in wearable technology. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to offering the latest in technology to our customers. BOULT’s diverse range of smartwatches and TWS earbuds perfectly aligns with our vision of bringing innovative, top-quality devices that empower Nepali consumers to embrace a connected lifestyle. Now they can look forward to choosing from a variety of smartwatches and TWS based on their requirements.”

“We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Jagadamba Mobiles Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Shanker Group, as the national distributor for BOULT in Nepal. This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge wearable technology to the vibrant market of Nepal. Jagadamba Mobiles’ extensive reach and dedication align perfectly with our vision of making state-of-the-art tech more accessible to everyone. This marks a remarkable milestone in expanding our global footprint, and we look forward to a successful journey together.”Varun Gupta, Co-founder, BOULT.

This partnership marks a significant milestone as Jagdamba Mobiles expands its portfolio to offer Nepali consumers access to BOULT’s diverse range of wearables. Co-founded by Varun Gupta and Tarun Gupta in June 2017, BOULT is India’s fastest-growing wearable brand in 2023 as per the latest IDC Report. From state-of-the-art headphones to cutting-edge speakers, BOULT’s product range embodies a perfect blend of style, innovation, and superior sound performance.


BOULT is a homegrown, high-end consumer electronic brand that designs and manufactures innovative audio and wearable products. The brand’s product portfolio includes headphones, speakers, smartwatches, and other categories of earphones like wireless, Bluetooth, in-ear, and more. BOULT was founded in June 2017 by two brothers, Varun and Tarun Gupta. BOULT is the 2nd largest audio company in India selling a headphone every 5 seconds. BOULT is the only consumer electronics brand in the country with its own design studio, where they conceptualize and meticulously design every product to build masterpieces that are best-sellers on every recognized e-commerce platform in the country, including their own website- www.boultaudio.com.


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