Networking & Ethical Hacking Workshop in Nepal

If the concept of hacking as a career excites you, you’ll get benefitted considerably from completing this training here on Jetking Nepal. You’ll learn how to exploit computer networks in the manner of an attacker, to find out how to protect your system from the attacker. Attend the workshop & discover where learning Computer Networking can take you and find out how you can start it. You’ll get a perfect platform to discuss the current discoveries and developments in the field of Computer Networks.

Workshop Highlights:

  • IT Career Path Presentation
  • Networking & System Administration in Real World Scenario
  • Practical Demonstration on Ethical Hacking (Malware Threats & Countermeasures)For any query, Please contact at :
    Jetking Nepal | NIT
    Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu
    ? 9801028574, 9801028573
    ? Click Here


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