Journey From School Level To Butwal Coder Girls, Binita Gyawali

The journey from School level to Butwal Coder Girls, Binita Gyawali

Hi, I am Binita Gyawali, IT manager of Butwal Coder girls and today I am going to share my experiences as a part of Butwal Coder Girls. I am following my BSc CSIT 3rd semester at Butwal Multiple Campus with deep interests in IT.

There are some reasons why I entered this field; moreover what attracted me to IT. My father provided me an IT environment right from my childhood. He had bought a computer for me when I was in grade two. Since then, my passion for IT increased. I decided to convert this interest of mine into a dream when I was in grade nine. At that time I was introduced with the scope of IT and its importance by our computer teacher named Baburam Bhusal Sir. Since then, my interest in IT increased, and I was much more attached to him in discussing different computer-related topics and programming in school. He saw great IT potential in me and started encouraging me to the IT field. I also have a very supportive family circle who wants me to do something good in this sector.

After completing my study, I want to pursue my career as a system analyst as its scope is increasing day by day in a developing country like Nepal. Many friends may not be aware of what a system analyst is. The system analysts are responsible for performing the feasibility study of systems. They prepare software requirement specifications based on the requirements of the stakeholders. They research problems, plan solutions, recommend software’s and systems and co-ordinate development to meet business or other requirements. They also help programmers during the development of software.

There are some reasons why I got involved with the Coder girls. This is because Butwal coder girls are like a platform where the girls involved in IT can share their knowledge, learn more from others and show their talents in different fields. This group focuses on bringing the shy faces forward and provides them with proper training so that they become competent. Though this club is founded by few girls from third, fifth and seventh-semester girls of Butwal Multiple Campus, we intend to provide technical support and leadership development to all those IT girls. Not only we are providers of knowledge, but we are also some innovative knowledge seekers who also organize various national levels IT meetings and workshops to strengthen ourselves too.

As a current IT student, I have a keen interest in Web designing and graphics designing. I am more interested in sharing my knowledge with my friends as a teacher does, and I have been involved with the Butwal Coder Girls since its establishment. After joining Butwal coder girls, I got a lot of new experience of working with new people of the IT field. The training and seminars that I got involved with helped a lot in boosting my skills, knowledge, and confidence. As of today, I am glad that I entered the field of IT.

Lots of people think, why only girls? Why not boys too? As we all know that a girl entering the IT field in a country like ours is still not considered a good thing. People still think the technical subjects are for boys only. Our society still doesn’t consider girls being busy with laptop and mobile phones as a good thing.

Similarly, girls also cannot attend all pieces of training and workshops like boys as they have a compulsion of reaching home at a certain time. So girls are not able to get opportunities like the boys to do, and we want to eliminate these conditions. We want to facilitate the girls facing such problems by arranging sessions in a friendly manner.

We would like to expand this group into a big IT organization in the future and get involved with other technology giants at a national and international level. We also aim to provide IT related pieces of training and support to other girls and provide them with job opportunities after getting well established.

To all those girls who are in a dilemma whether or not to enter IT field, what I want to say is that this is a very vast field with a lot of potential from where you can gain a lot. Technology is an ever-changing frontier, and so I encourage all the interested girls out there to join this field. As far as my experience, I can assure you that you will have a bright future ahead. If you are interested, Butwal Coder Girls will always stand by your side, and you are always welcomed.

Author: BinitaGyawali (IT Manager at Butwal Coder Girls)


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