Journey of Hult Prize At IOST 2020, Tribhuvan University

Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Kathmandu

Hult Prize is one of the most prestigious student competitions in existence today, offering teams unparalleled opportunities and resources with the goal of educating and engaging undergraduate students at its core. This truly international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges. The 2020 Hult Prize Challenge is based on “Building Startups That Have a Positive Impact on the Environment with Every Dollar Earned”. Besides, this is the first time, the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) has organized the regional On-Campus Selection, allowing the students of BSc. to apply for the challenge.

The organizing committee of Hult Prize IOST 2020 is working day in and day out to make this on campus event successful. We want to leave no stone unturned from our side. From conducting info session in the colleges to gathering youths for entrepreneurial talk event we are doing whatever it takes to reach out to as many youth as we can. Special thanks to all our online media partners and community partners who are also helping us to achieve our goal. The month of November proved to be a really hectic and a productive month for us. We were busy conducting events ,reaching out to our sponsors,conducting Info sessions so fourth and so on. So this article is basically a nutshell updating  the crowd about the activities that the team of Hult Prize IOST 2020 Organizing committee has done and about the upcoming events.

Meetup event for Campus Representative

Hult prize IOST 2020 has about 50+ CR’s from different colleges all around the country. Campus Representative are the soul of any on campus event because their hardwork and dedication will decide how successful the event is going to be. They are the one who actually work as the bridge between the Organizing committee  and colleges. The organizing committee conducted a meetup session for our CR’s this past 9th November . In this session we assigned our CR’s with their actual roles and responsibilities. The sessions was amazing and we witnessed a lot of active participation from our CR’s.

Info sessions by CR’s Info sessions by college representatives of hult prize

The campus representative are working very hard and dedicate to reach out to as many youth they can to motivate and encourage them to understand the value of Hult Prize to them, to the nation and the whole world. Due , to their hard work we are getting a lot of registration with the brilliant ideas from the mass of youth out there.

Weekly Podcast

We the organizing Committee of Hult Prize IOST 2020 have started to release the series of podcast with our Camus director, advisor, and some of the well known aspiring personalities out their. These podcasts are helping us to reach out to the mass of the youth out their and aware them about Hult Prize and the change they could be to bring a positive impact in the society.

Entrepreneurial talk shows

Entrepreneur Talk Session with Dibyesh Giri

Hult Prize is all about coming up with brilliant ideas and believing in the ideas  because who knows you and your team’s idea might be a game changer and could bring a huge difference in changing the face of whole world with it’s  positive impact. Hult Prize is for all those youths who aspire to be a social entrepreneur  making a change with their incredible thought process and unpuzzled decision makings. So for motivating mass of youths we are conducting entrepreneurial talk shows. Where we invite leading entrepreneurs from within the country to share their life stories and motivate the youth with their suggestions. Recently this Wednesday(20th November) we conducted a talk show with famous entrepreneur of Nepal Mr. Dibyesh Giri who is the CEO of smart tech company and other leading works in Nepal. This series is going to be held for upcoming weeks too with other entrepreneurs  in Nepal.

Upcoming EventsTalk Session on BUG BOUNTRY AND CYBER SECURITY

Many upcoming events on a row to proceed. This Saturday (23rd November) they are conducting a talk show on Bug Bounty and cyber security. They have an event workshop for Internet of things this Saturday and Sunday.


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