KEC Lite 2024

20th February 2024, Kathmandu

Kantipur Engineering College (KEC) is gearing up to host KEC Lite 2024, a vibrant showcase of innovation and talent, set to take place at its premises in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. Scheduled for February 9th and 10th, this event promises to be a hub of technological prowess and creative excellence.

KEC Lite 2024 will feature an array of competitions, including Robo Soccer, Robo Sumo, Robo Race, Line Following Robot, Technical Quiz, Esports, Survey Competition, and Attack and Defense. With participants from various colleges across the nation, the stage is set for intense yet friendly competition.

The recently concluded Hackathon, “Hack a Light,” witnessed the participation of 12 teams from all corners of the country, marking a prelude to the main event. Winners of this competition, who showcased their ingenuity and problem-solving skills, will be honored during KEC Lite 2024. A substantial prize pool exceeding 250,000 awaits the triumphant teams, highlighting KEC’s commitment to fostering innovation.


Moreover, KEC Lite 2024 extends beyond mere competition. It serves as a platform for the display of robotics, computer, and civil engineering projects, as well as projects from talented two students. This exhibition not only celebrates technological advancements but also inspires future generations to delve into the realms of science and engineering.

Simultaneously, the Career Connect Expo will offer attendees the opportunity to engage with potential employers and explore diverse career prospects. Job seekers can directly submit their CVs, facilitating meaningful connections and opening doors to exciting professional avenues.

As KEC gears up to host this prestigious event, anticipation runs high among participants, organizers, and enthusiasts alike. KEC Lite 2024 promises to be an enriching experience, celebrating innovation, talent, and the spirit of collaboration within the engineering community.


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