Karnali Province Mobile Hospital

12 March 2021, Kathmandu

To give quick treatment to the patient Karnali Provincial Health Services come up with mobile hospitals service. So that critical patients can get treatment on the spot while going to the big hospital.

The Karnali Provincial Health Services Directorate has planned to operate mobile hospitals in two main places in Karnali. The directorate will run a mobile hospital on the Karnali Highway and the Chinchu-Jajarkot Dolpa road section.

One vehicle will have X-rays, a laboratory, medication, and other supplies, and a team of health workers will be led by a doctor. Which is going to keep repeating on the highway. That’s why it’s called a mobile hospital. The mobile hospital will have a team of doctors, nurses, and assistants.

Honestly speaking, this service will save lots of lives. Many roadside accident case patient will live. Before this, many accident case-patient have died before they even get a chance of treatment.

‘Mobile hospitals seem to be of benefit in saving the lives of patients injured in road accidents, roadside settlements, and patients referred from health institutions,’ said Dr. Krishna Kumar, Director, State Health Services Directorate.

Rabin Khadka said that the Ministry of Social Development of Karnal has also allocated Rs 15 million to the mobile hospital in the current fiscal year. Director Khadka said that they are now planning to invite bids for the purchase of the vehicle.

I honestly wish this service will available not only in Karnali Province but also throughout the country. Mostly we hear people died from some tragic roadside accident. In case there is an accident this mobile hospital will reach to the accident spot and gives treatment the patients. We all know that they can’t save everyone but at least with this service, they will save some lives.

“Two trucks will be bought from the budget to set up the hospital,” he said. “Engineers were hired to build a mobile hospital.” The directorate plans to run one of the two mobile hospitals, Karnali State Hospital and the other Karnali Institute of Health Sciences, Jumla.


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