Kaspersky Lab: Assembling A Safer World For 20 Years

Saving the world for 20 years kaspersky lab

Eugene Kaspersky, a Russian citizen, started Kaspersky lab in 1997 with three co-founders and 19 employees. Till today, the Kaspersky lab has been founded in more than 200 countries and has more than 3 thousand seven hundred employees.
Despite the many challenges in the cybersecurity of the world, the Kaspersky Lab contributes to secure space by developing the products with a range of cutting-edge security features of 20 years.

‘When we first started Kaspersky in 1997 A.D; we planned to be analyzed the world’s cybersecurity by 2050A.D. In these 20 years there has been a drastic change in cybersecurity,’ said Shiv Shankar, Kaspersky’s personal sales manager for Asia. According to him, the attacks and threats in this area are powerful. ‘Rather than personal attacks, a lot of organizational attacks have been taking place. If personally viewed, now it is becoming a matter of challenge to protect the data associated with the economic business of a person. The attacks by crashing the PC and stealing personal identity has been rapidly increasing. We have been trying to come up with a product or a scheme to overcome this kind of problem.’Over 40 million people are using Kaspersky worldwide these days, and they have over 2 lakh, 70 thousand pleased clients.

However, in Nepal, the Kaspersky lab was introduced in 2008, and for the past ten years, Sagar Technolink is working as a distributor for Nepal. Kaspersky has been working on antivirus and safety for about 20 years internationally and 10 years nationally in Nepal. He said that Nepalese users would be working on mobile users, telecoms, schools, banking areas, family safety habits and new prototype technologies in the future. Kaspersky is a worldly recognized company for cybersecurity. They are also recognized equally for research and Development Company. Kaspersky detects around 25,000 new malicious malware daily. ‘This fact also specifies that we do more Research and Development on the product. We have 50 own patents in cybersecurity space. And essential things always work with us on the latest technology,” he reported.


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