Hackathon Kathfest 2.0

1st January 2023, Kathmandu

Innovation Unleashed: Kathfest 2.0 Hackathon Invites Coders for a 36-Hour Extravaganza at Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Calling All Students, From Novices to Masters, to Showcase Coding Prowess and Problem-Solving Skills

Kathfest 2.0 Hackathon, a two-day coding fiesta set to take place at Kathford International College of Engineering and Management on January 2nd and 3rd.

Aspiring coders are encouraged to participate in this 36-hour hackathon, where the amalgamation of innovation and collaboration will be on full display.

The event promises a dynamic atmosphere for participants to express their creativity, tackle real-world problems, and exhibit their coding prowess.

Key Event Details:

Date and Time: January 2nd & 3rd, 36 hours of coding excitement.
Venue: Kathford International College of Engineering and Management.

Event Highlights:

Diverse Challenges: Participants can expect a range of challenges tailored to different skill levels, providing opportunities for both beginners and seasoned coders.

Expert Mentors: The hackathon will feature seasoned mentors ready to guide participants, offering invaluable insights and support throughout the coding journey.

Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Prizes and Recognition: Outstanding solutions will be rewarded with prizes and recognition, adding an extra layer of motivation for participants to showcase their best work.

How to Participate?

Ready to embark on this coding adventure? Secure your spot now by registering at Click Here.

The Kathfest 2.0 Hackathon is a golden opportunity for students, whether they’re coding novices or seasoned experts, to immerse themselves in a world of innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Don’t miss the chance to code, connect, and conquer at this exciting event.


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