Kathmandu Cybersecurity Awareness

17th April 2024, Kathmandu

In a proactive move to enhance cybersecurity awareness and counter digital threats, ICT Frame Magazine took charge of a Cybersecurity Awareness event held at Texas International College, Mitrapark Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Cybersecurity Awareness Event

This event, a significant initiative within Nepal’s tech community, was led by Mina Aryal, a dynamic figure in youth motivation and founder of the First Women-Led Tech Magazine and Portal.

Supported by prominent industry players like Nepal Telecom, the Tech Bloggers Association of Nepal, and technically backed by One Cover Private Limited—a dedicated cybersecurity firm—the event aimed to deepen understanding of cyber threats and advocate for secure online practices among individuals and organizations.

Kathmandu CybersecurityThe proceedings began with an impactful presentation by Ms. Deepa Shrestha, an Information Security Consultant at One Cover Private Limited. Ms. Shrestha outlined the scope and importance of cybersecurity, emphasizing strategies for protecting sensitive data, especially financial information and minimizing potential harm.

Cybersecurity Kathmandu Building on Ms. Shrestha’s insights, Mr. Pranav Nepal, an Application Security Expert, delved into more complex facets of cybersecurity. Mr. Nepal discussed Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Encryption/Decryption techniques, and emphasized the critical role of access control in strengthening digital defense mechanisms.

Cyber Security Consultant Subsequently, Shayana Manandhar shed light on the rising cybercrime landscape in Nepal. Addressing prevalent threats such as phishing links, job scams, and anniversary scams, Ms. Manandhar stressed the significance of education and awareness in effectively combating cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Consultant

Information Security Consultant

Adhikari Chiranjibi The event, characterized by its informative sessions and interactive discussions, highlighted a collective dedication to fostering a safer digital ecosystem in Nepal.

Through the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and cybersecurity experts, initiatives like these are paving the way for a resilient and secure digital future.


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