Kathmandu Startups Hosts Startup Founder Meetup Vol. 2 For Creative Entrepreneurs in Lockdown

Startup Founder Meetup

April 08, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Despite the lockdown of the country, creative minds are still focused on their goals and startups. To encourage those, Kathmandu Startups is organizing live conferences online. This is the second time Kathmandu Startup has hosted these kinds of events.

The goal of this meetup is to bring together different startups. Also, for companies operating in Nepal, to find common ground in tackling the challenges introduced by the  COVID – 19 outbreak.  And also to discuss how we can act to solve this issue.

The event hosted by Kathmandu Startups helps young minds to improve their ideas and plan of a startup. The event will have panelists and moderators, who are renowned entrepreneurs. Rohit Tiwari, Nikita Acharya are two well-renowned personnel Co-founder of Foodmario and UG Cakes, respectively. They were listed in Forbes List of top 30 list of young entrepreneurs of Asia. They will be panelists of the event, along with the CEO of Karkhana, Pavitra Gautam. Santosh Pandey, Co-founder of Offering Happiness, will be the moderator of the game.

The event is scheduled to be held on April 8, 2020, at 2 PM. Anyone interested can fill-up the form using the link: Click Here.


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