The hub of the mobile production, Chinese Company, named as “Kenxida” brand mobile is now available in Nepali Market. In Nepal, authorized dealer Horizon Enterprises made Kenjida available in Nepali Market. Among 19 brands, Kenxida lies in one of them, not it has not just made mobile phone available but also smartwatches now.

Now, 11 models of Kenjida mobile set is now available in Nepali Market. In which there is 5 touchscreen mobile. Kenjida is promoting Smartwatch and Mobile set, giving them a higher priority. The smartwatch which has touchscreen which can be wore as a normal watch, we can use any kind of application in it.
Now, in Nepali Market, Kenjida Brand’s Barset and Tablet set model is also available. Kenjida W1 is now being sold in Nepali Market since some months and it is told that W3 smartwatch is to be available in this week, said company. In W3, it supports single sim and is fully multi-touch. Calling, using application, capturing photos can be done through this smartwatch. Its price is Rs. 4390 only.

Likewise in W1, more features are available in low price. This has got touch screen with touch-pad and also supports dual sim. Its price is only Rs. 3000 as stated by the company. This smartphone having low price and amazing features is available in Nepali Market.