Know The Financial Procedure For Buying Bikes In NADA 2018


As the NADA Auto Show 2018 has been showcasing various bikes of different some of you may be thinking of buying one of them.  If you are feeling so then here we present a financial procedure for obtaining the bike of different brands in NADA 2018.


The authorized dealer of UM bikes IME Automotives provides a loan through MoneyGram and Parimal. If the finance will be done through MoneyGram or Parimal the interest of 17 percent will be taken for one year whereas 18 percent of interest will be there for two years.

The authorized dealer of KTM Duke Hansraj Hulaschand is providing loan through its own company Hula’s investment. To buy a Duke bike of 200cc, one has to pay 50 percent of down payment to Hula’s investment.  Similarly, the investment will provide a loan in 15 percent interest. Likewise, if you want to go above 200cc, you need to pay down payment of 40 percent


The authorized dealer of Hero, Nepal General Marketing has managed to provide loan through its own company NGM finance for its customers. For scooters, the company is giving credit with the interest of 13 to 14 percent. The Punctual payer can get the discount in interest. To buy the motorcycle above 125cc, one should pay down payment of 40 percent. Similarly, for the scooters above 150cc, one should pay down a debt of 50 percent.

Royal Enfield

The authorized dealer of Royal Enfield, Bibek Automobile has tied up with Lumbini Development Bank.  The bank is providing loan with the interest of 14.8 percent.


The official dealer of Vespa, The LifeStyle is providing the loan with the interest of 12 to 18 percent.


The authorized dealer of Benelli, KTM International Trading has collaborated with Lumbini Development Bank and Everest Bank for providing a loan. Lumbini is giving the credit with interest of 14 percent whereas Everest bank is with the interest rate of 9.99 percent.


The official dealer of Suzuki has tied up with Kritipur Multipurpose Cooperative and Muktinath Development Bank regarding the loan. The cooperative is providing minimally 35 percent of down payment with 15 percent of the investment. Likewise, Muktinath Development Bank is offering credit in 16 percent.


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