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“IT MEET ” is a National Students ICT Event organized by KUCC, i.e., Kathmandu University Computer Club and Department of Computer Science & Engineering to encourage interaction among students from various institutions of Nepal and youths from different walks of our life. The Technical Event is a platform that gives momentum to the ICT Campaign. KUCC envision to empower youth to promote their professional talent show that will ultimately produce a technically reinforced Community. Kathmandu University Computer Club advocates that the existing Challenges be solved using an innovative approach by bringing ICT students & professionals together in a podium and share the solution to the general public.

Idea Pitching 2018 is an annual event within the IT MEET where the contestants are provided a platform to pitch their creative & innovative business plans. The contestants are required to throw their concept in front of a panel of judges who based on the creativity, impactful, feasibility of the idea, will crown the winners. The only skilled each participant is required to have is a vivid imagination for proposing the design and a strong business strategy.

So, if you believe that you have a plan that can have a positive impact on the world, be sure to register. Your program can be anything utilizing Technology as a critical tool. Do you have any ideas using Technology as an essential tool? Then, register your team here at

Venue: Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel
Workshop Date:   22nd Dec 2018
Main Event Date: 28th Dec 2018

Event Details:
1. Each side can have a maximum of 4 team members
2. Shortlisted best candidates will be provided idea pitching workshop from an experienced mentor on December 22, 2018.
3. The contestants will pitch their ideas on 28th Dec 2018.

Prizes: First: Rs.8000, Second: Rs.5000, Third: Rs.3000

Registration Fee: The shortlisted team will have to pay Rs — three hundred for registration.

For queries: Nisha Dangol:

For more information:


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