10th November 2020, Kathmandu

We all know that Covid-19 has affected every sector in Nepal. This pandemic is showing no any sign to end soon. Instead, its increasing enormously. Due to high risk of the virus, schools and colleges are shut down. This has hampered the study of the students.

In this condition, schools and colleges are running online classes. However, there are still some educational institutions which haven’t conducted any sort of virtual classes.

As we believe that for every problem, there is a solution, this problem of students, teachers and educational institutions has a solution too. ‘Kullabs’, an e-learning platform has created a digital platform to connect the teachers and students that provides free source of knowledge.

About Kullabs: E-learning platform

Kullabs is a free e-learning system. This e-learning platform provides notes, study materials, academic contents and videos for students. They provide these materials for middle school level to high school level students.

E-learning platform Nepal

Kullabs is a perfect example of the fusion of education and technology. Not just for students, this system is beneficial for teachers too. The user can access this system from anywhere at any time free of cost.

Regardless of geography, financial situation or any sort of difficulties, students now can prosper their knowledge using Kullabs. Kullabs aim to enhance the education system by nurturing one’s creativity to engage their knowledge in the practical world.

This e-learning platform provides study materials for the students from grade 6 to grade 12. Not just this, they provide videos, exercises, practice test too for all the grades.

How to use Kullabs?

You can download and install Kullabs SmartSchool from the Google Play Store or directly use their website kullabs.com to get access to the study materials.

Select the grade of which you want the study materials and then select the subject. Then you will be shown all the chapters of the subject. Click the chapter of your choice and you will be shown the study materials available for it.

This platform is easy to user-friendly and all the materials are free of cost. Through this platform, students can get quality education from anywhere at any time.

In this time of pandemic, Kullabs is providing a helping hand for the students and teachers to fulfill their gap. Nothing should interrupt learning so, this platform helps you to learn and prosper your knowledge.

Google Business Group Stories- 2019, an annual program that recognizes the innovative business ideas which impacts the society listed Kullabs in its top 10 best stories.

Also, they plan to provide study materials of BBA, BIM, BIT, CSIT and engineering in coming future. This team started conducting weekly sessions in schools across the country on digital literacy for teachers. They share their views on why digital literacy is important and how it helps in better communication with students.

Wrapping Up

This platform is a great step towards digital learning. In this time of pandemic, where the schools are closed, Kullabs provide a good learning environment. Digital learning should be encouraged and the users should make proper use of it.

Kullabs is currently available as a website and Android App. They may be available in iOS in future.


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