Kumari Bank's New Year

11th April 2024, Kathmandu

Kumari Bank Limited has ushered in the New Year 2081 with an enticing cashback offer designed to delight its customers. “Kumari Bank’s New Year 2081 Cashback Offer”

The bank has announced a special promotion wherein users of Kumari Bank’s debit or credit cards stand to receive a refund of up to Rs 2,081 or 25 percent of their transaction amount, whichever is lower, for POS payments and online transactions.

Additionally, patrons utilizing the bank’s mobile banking service for QR payments are also eligible to partake in this attractive cashback scheme.

The offer is set to commence from 8:00 am to 11:59 pm on the auspicious date of 1st Baisakh 2081. For early birds, the first forty cardholders and the first forty mobile banking users who initiate transactions within the designated timeframe will be entitled to avail of the cashback benefit.

Kumari Bank’s New Year 2081 Cashback Offer

Expressing his enthusiasm for the initiative, Chief Executive Officer of Kumari Bank Limited, Ram Chandra Khanal, conveyed warm wishes for the New Year and emphasized the bank’s commitment to fostering digital payment adoption among its clientele.

Kumari Bank, a stalwart in the banking sector for over 23 years, has been steadfast in its mission to provide innovative and customer-centric services. With a robust network comprising 302 branches, 315 ATMs, 50 extension counters, and 67 branchless banking units nationwide, the bank is dedicated to simplifying accessibility and delivering excellence in service provision.

Cashback Offer Get Exciting Rewards

This latest cashback offer underscores Kumari Bank’s ongoing efforts to incentivize digital transactions and promote financial inclusion, marking a significant stride towards a more interconnected and technologically-driven banking landscape.

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