Laba, nation’s top, and leading IT training institute is organizing  Foundation of Blockchain Bootcamp Training on Sep 17, 2018. This hands-on Bootcamp training course will help to learn about the blockchain for business by understanding the core concepts behind its implementation and exploring the critical use cases that demonstrate how the technology adds value.

Laba has been organizing different IT training for a long time; it is one of the most successful IT institutes in the entire nation. The preparation of the Foundation of Blockchain is one of the most significant events for Laba.

If you are Software developers, Computer Science Students or Graduates, Technical Architects, and Technical Entrepreneurs who are interested in blockchain development, you are looking at the right place!

What you will learn:
☑️ Have an understanding and working knowledge of the emerging blockchain technology
☑️ Grab the essence of the core concepts that builds and leverages the blockchain technology
☑️ Design and program smart contracts and decentralized application
☑️ Evaluate the applicability of the blockchain technology to their current business problems
☑️ Think of innovative application models leveraging the blockchain technology.


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