Mobile Wallet Service Nepal

16th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd. launched the first mobile wallet “Remitap” in the history of Nepali Commercial Banking. Machhapuchhre Bank, which has set different trends in the banking sector, has been operating new services and facilities among its customers through new discoveries and research, especially in the field of digital banking.

In this regard, Machhapuchhre Bank has put into service its own mobile wallet, with the goal of expanding digital banking facilities to all levels and streamlining in view of the convenience of its customers.

The Remitap Mobile Wallet, built on robust technology, is extremely secure and easy to run. Remitap is a brand new feature in Nepal that is not available in any wallet before, such as creating a virtual card and making payments from that card, giving a virtual card to a friend, both personal and commercial transactions from the same account, and uploading your personal details (KYC) via video.

In addition, remittances would be particularly useful for sending and receiving remittances from abroad. The bank is optimistic that the remittap will make it easier to transact domestic remittances from one location in Nepal to another.

In this way, remittances sent by remittances can be received immediately by more than 7000 agents spread across the country.

Apart from this, there are several other features in the wallet including various services such as drinking water, power, and telephone bills. As this app can be run in both Nepali and English languages, Machhapuchhre Bank is sure that Remitap can fulfill the digital needs of customers at all levels and at all levels.

Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd. has been dedicated to providing customers with new technology-based services since its inception. From East to West, as well as from Himal to Pahad and Terai, there are 160 branches, 156 branchless banking facilities and 5 extension counters in 321 locations and 197 ATMs, and more than 2,000 POS machines. It offers all banking services, including technology.


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