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Laxmi Sunrise Bank Hosts Empowering ‘Spark ’24: Empowering Women in Leadership – Inspire Inclusion’ Seminar

Laxmi Sunrise Bank, a leading advocate for workplace inclusion, recently organized the impactful ‘Spark ’24: Empowering Women in Leadership – Inspire Inclusion’ seminar, reaffirming its dedication to fostering diversity and empowering women in professional spheres.

Laxmi Sunrise Spark 24

The seminar, graced by distinguished speakers, showcased a remarkable lineup including the esteemed Member of the National Human Rights Commission, Ms. Lily Thapa, IMF Resident Representative Ms. Teresa Daban Sanchez, Mr. Piyush Paudyal from F1Soft Group, and Ms. Sewa Pathak, CEO of Vianet Communications. These luminaries imparted invaluable insights and perspectives on the significance of female leadership in today’s landscape.

At the heart of the event was a resolute commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with Laxmi Sunrise emphasizing the promotion of a workplace culture that fosters growth, excellence, and equal opportunities for all.

Empowering Women in Leadership

This seminar underscores Laxmi Sunrise’s proactive stance in championing gender equality and fostering an environment where every individual can thrive professionally, irrespective of gender or background.


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