Learn HTML & CSS

OSAC, an Open Source circle of Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL) has just completed a one week of basic HTML and CSS training. The one-week training happened from 9th Aug to 14th Aug at Amrit Science Campus, Lainchaur and focused making the participants familiar with the basic terms, commands, and tools used in HTML and CSS.

The participants of the training were beginners who wanted to start with webpage designing. The training was led by Mr. Arjun Gautam, a member of OSAC and mentored by Mr. Nishan Aryal, another member of OSAC. According to Arjun Gautam, OSAC will soon be having another HTML and CSS training as a continuation of this training.

More about HTML and CSS:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the core and most basic technologies used for designing and building a webpage. While HTML is used to provide the content structure of the webpage, like headings, paragraphs, images, forms and more, CSS is used for the layout, appearance, and presentation of these structures on the screen.

Through this training, the participants will learn about HTML elements, tags and attributes and how to use them to set up a structured page. Participants will also learn about the CSS selectors, properties, values and how to use them in the webpage design. Some of the other things that students will learn through this training are:

  • How to add CSS to the HTML elements?
  • How to reference CSS selectors in a webpage?

For more information, visit osacascol.blogspot.com