Legal Aspects Of Electronic Transaction Begins, Nepal Certifying Company

Information technology is one of the growing sectors in the world. According to the research data, it shows that information technology is one of the fast developing industries in Nepal in past ten years, so to move in the speed of the IT development the government bodies should be aware of being updated in this sector.

The government also try to move on the way of development of electronic activates in new Nepal government implement electronic passport driving license legalization to digital signature and appropriate modification on rules and regulation on the cyber and IT sector.

Recently in December 2015 Digital signature is legally approved for the use in an electronic transaction in Nepal. In Nepal first electronic token based digital signature is provide to the president of Nepal Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari and officially start the real-life official implementation of the digital signature in Nepal. Before this day Nepal has no any legalization of digital signature and implementation of the digital signature in Nepal.

We are mostly talking about digital signature than what numeric name is? A digital signature is the form of unique electronic identification to any individual business or device in an electronic medium. Like a paper bases, signature and digital stamp signature is an electronic formatted unique digital identification.

The digital signature can be acquired from an authorized certification authority(CA)only. In the process of getting digital signature it may be provide to business organization individual person  electronic devices  computers servers etc. which are able to be participants in the communication process.

The digital signature may be applicable in mailing process online transaction business communication and other different legal and authenticate official connection. Due to the implementation of the digital signature, anyone can use any online activity trusting signature data. All the activates on electronic format are accepted as a legal document in court also so one can securely perform the electronic transaction.

The digital signature (identity ) may be given to individual in many formats it may be in password  or online form or may be digital token form which may be in portable device which is password protected. Which can easily carried and portable to use for the identification in electronic world.