LITE Technical 2019: Largest Innovative Tech Fair In Nepal

Started with the theme Learning and Innovating Technology for Enhancement, LITE 2019 is an annual event organized by Kantipur Engineering College in coordination with RTCD (Research, Training and Consultancy Division) & Students’ Clubs as an intercollege competition and exhibition in the Civil, Computer, and Electronics field.

The event was a one-day inter-college event where student innovators pitched in ideas and displayed their project model in the three categories. Along with participant students, students from KEC and different colleges of Nepal, distinguished guests from professional and academic fields such as research institutes, consultancies, universities visited the exhibition. Highly qualified and experienced judges were invited from professional and academic areas for judging the models/projects fairly.


Objectives Of LITE:

The goals of ‘LITE’ TECHNICAL EXHIBITION 2019 were as follows:

  1. To help students sharpen their minds and give them an opportunity to develop their practical knowledge.
  2. create a healthy competition among the creative minds in technical fields and marketing management.
  3. To develop professionalism, team spirit, integrity, exposure and communication skills among different students of different colleges/universities.
  4. To familiarize people with current trends and developments.

Preceding the Main Event on February 6th, various interaction programs, workshops, and events were conducted with active participation of students industry experts and leaders fro held as Pre-Events.


1. C Bootcamp(1st & 4th Magh)

As an effort to introduce the students of first-year computer engineering into the world of programming, a boot camp was held by the computer club and powered by experts from Neosphere. The c programming language is part of the curriculum study, and this boot camp helped them learn the practical aspects of their theoretical knowledge through creating programs to solve a specific problem. Similarly, the students were introduced with good programming practices and an effective way to find the best algorithm.

2. Mahabir Pun talk show(10th Magh 2075)


A Conversation Session with Legend Personality of ICT & Chairman of National Innovation Center Mr. Mahabir Pun, Kathmandu was organized on 24th February 2019 in the auditorium hall of Kantipur Engineering College. The session was a prevent of LITE Technical Exhibition 2019. All the teaching faculties, key persons, members from Civil Club, Computer Club, Electronics Club and around 150 students from different engineering Colleges were present in the session. He talked about his upbringing, his struggle, effort to provide internet facility to Two Hundred remote villages in Nepal as well as creating an educated and prosperous Nepal. He installed the entrepreneurship mindset in the college students and paved paths for their contribution to the development of the ICT  sector in Nepal. In a nutshell, the Interaction event was a great success.


Delivered by representatives from Antarperena and Robotic Associations of Nepal, an interactive session was held where the students of Computer and Electronics were introduced to the possibilities of entrepreneurship in the IT industry. As the world is getting digital and Nepal is catching up to the pace, the trainers helped students explore the opportunity of growth and development to cater to technology solutions.

4. Arduino Training(15th Magh 2075)


The Electronics Club of KEC with the objective of imparting the knowledge of Arduino, an open-source electronics platform that facilitates the use of software-hardware to read input and turn it into an output. The students of 1st and 2nd Year Computer-Electronics were instructed by As Arduino is the essential element of different electronic devices and system, the  use of essential skills

5. Civil attack and Defense(15th Magh 2075):


Public Attack and Defense is an event idea to enhance the ability of students to express their views and convince others on them. Each participant was required to make a 5-minute long presentation on a topic given to present it in front of the judges. The judge asked them a few questions based on their performance (attack) which the students had to answer to the best of their abilities(defend). Marking was given by the judges according to the quality of presentation, and the comprehensiveness with which they supported their idea.

6.  AI Orientation Program (20th Magh 2075):


Artificial Intelligence has been the topic of interest for enthusiasts in technology and development. AI opens up possibilities to use digital devices beyond simple calculations or conversations. With the objective of immersing students in the field of AI and strengthen their abilities to build better applications, software, websites capable of intelligent functions, an orientation program was conducted with the guidance of Suraj Regmi, Data Scientist at World Bank Nepal.

7. INNOVATION, Design Thinking and Startup (23rd Magh)


On 6th of February 2019(23rd Magh), as pre-event to LITE Technical Exhibition, a  talk show on the topic “Innovation, Design Thinking, and Startup” was held.

The speakers of the Talk Show were Mr. Manohar Adhikari (CEO, Foodmandu) and Mr. Ullekh Niroula (CEO, Digital Gurkha). Foodmandu is the pioneer of online-based food delivery services in Nepal 🇳🇵 while Digital Gurkha is a digital branding and marketing agency in Nepal, who have integrated technology with creativity.

The talk show concluded in a QA session where the students asked different questions about the situations and problems they were facing, and the students got to learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs who have not just talked the talk but also walked the walk.

8. Technical quiz (21st and 22nd Magh)

A Technical Quiz Competition preceded the Lite Event. More than 12 teams participated in the Quiz, and the competition was held in 3 rounds. Students involved in different streams participated in the quiz and tested their general knowledge of the world around them.

Event Details: 

“ Projects are like a diamond, they need to be mined, cut, the polished, produced & showcase for a wonderful sparkle.”

Every individual can shine bright like a diamond, to turn their dream ideas into a real-life project. The projects displayed at LITE are the results of participant students spending countless days and nights unleashing their creativity, imagination, passion, and hardwork. It’s fantastic to see the exhibition grow as a platform where students pour in their diligent efforts to bring out the best of their potential.

You would only know if you participated and crafted a project, the setbacks you face and the times you want to quit but the moments of spark that asks you to carry on.  The LITE exhibition 2019 saw huge participation with several the kind of ideas that were proposed.

And since the exhibition was also an intercollege Competition, there were winners whose ideas and execution got the deserved recognition. Also, They had gaming, photography competition with other main events on the 23rd of Magh. Below is the list of main events:

Civil Project/Model Competition (Civil Related): Construct to Create

  1. Winner – Best Project : Civil:
    Best project: Pre-Feasibility Study of Kulekhani-Budhigandaki Pumped Storage Project and Floating Solar Power Production Concept (from khowpa engineering college)
  2. Winner – Best Model: Intelligent CloverLeaf

Hardware Competition (Electronics Related): Connect to Create

  1. Winner – Best Idea: The Next Gen Helmet
  2. Winner – Best Project: Driving Simulator

Software Competition (Computer Related) :

Code to Create

  1. Winner – Best Idea: Battle Tank
  2. Winner – Best Project: Remote Mouse

About the Organizer

Kantipur Engineering College, established in 1998, is the pioneer of private engineering courses in Nepal. Understanding the real potential of students cannot be harnessed only through the curriculum, KEC facilitates the operations of Research, Training, Consultancy Division (RTCD), which primarily focuses on organizing co-curricular activities, events, and strategies to boost the holistic development of students and faculties alike.

Similarly, to encourage students participation and instill in them the sense of responsibility, action, and leadership Computer Club, Civil Club, and Electronics Club regularly coordinating to discuss, develop and implement new ideas. LITE 2019 is an event organized in the coordination of RTCD with Computer Club, Civil Club, and Electronics club. LITE is a platform for highlighting the talent and ability of students to sharpen their minds and ideas in the related fields. It will also improve the leadership and innovative skills in students which could be beneficial in their future career.

Finally, LITE 2019 ended up with its winners of respected competitions, motivating freshers and adding further experiences for others. Me being a coordinator of Electronics club of KEC felt proud to be the part of organizing the committee of LITE 2019, a unique festival with tech lovers from around Nepal accumulated in a single platform.


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