CSIT Students are proud to announce ISMT College presenting 1st Inter CSIT College Futsal Tournament Sponsored by Texas International College.

 In media partners we have  ICT Frame, CSIT Association of Nepal, Bsccsit.com and Living with ICT.  The event also Powered by Naulo Tech, Sports Arena, Neparica Technology Pvt. Ltd. and our Internet Partner Subisu Cablenet (P.) Ltd.

This may be the great news you will hear today.  Probably Futsal Tournament will be the first one to live stream College level Futsal Games on YouTube Channel! A big round of applause to Sudip Adhikari and his team (Samajik College) and Subisu Cablenet (P.) Ltd. ICT FRAME will be hosting live-stream through official channel Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.