Local ICT Girls demand Change,Sudeshna

Get Inspired Girls in ICT | Expanding horizons and Changing Attitudes

Here is What Sudeshna has to say regarding her journey on Tech Field :
“Well IT will never be my cup of coffee” I used to say this phase five years back. And today I’m following Bsc CSIT in Prime College and also holding the position of President in Prime IT Club. I have always tried my best to include more girls in IT Sector, but it’s been the hardest thing to motivate them as we lack role models and proper mentoring in this field. Being a girl, we all know the problems we go through when we are starting learning programming, networking or any output based programs. Remembering those things I wish if more people could motivate girls into the IT field.

Prime IT Club has the vision to bridge the academy and course curriculum, and I am happy to be associated closely with Women in STEM where girls are motivated and trained on their learning skills and their interest. Since both organizations and the event(conducted by EmpowHER) is lead by girls themselves, I was flattered and wanted to collaborate with the game to work together and reach similar milestones. Since Prime IT Club organize different IT training and host other programs, we decided to support Venue for HOUR OF CODE II (Women Special).

Source: Women in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics, Nepal