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April 07, 2020, Kathmandu

Due to coronavirus, it has become crucial to buy daily essential goods. The government had issued a two-week-long lockdown, in response to the highly contagious Coronavirus. The cases of Coronavirus infections are increasing in Nepal. As a result, the government has extended lockdown up to Baisakh 3, 2077.

So during these extended locks down days, the real question is,

Do you have enough essential food items in stock?

Can you risk yourself visiting the crowded supermarket? Because going out of your house is very dangerous and out of question.

Here is a list of all the online delivery services that are providing deliveries during lockdown within Kathmandu valley.

1.  Bhatbhateni Superstore

DM on Instagram/9801234861 on Viber

Send the list of items with name & address

Min Order should be Rs.5000

Pay with Cash or digital services

2.  Bhojdeals.com

from KK Mart

Min order: Rs.1000

3.  Daraz.com.np

From BigMart

Delivery Free Rs.1500+

4.  Durbarmart.com

Min order: Rs.1000

5.  Merokirana.com


Delivery charge Rs.50 Rs below Rs.2000, free above that

6.  Nimbusbazar.com

Delivery charge: Rs.200 on less than Rs.2000, free above that

7.  Salesberry.com.np

Phone/Viber: 9801234897(satdobato), 9801905219(Sitapaila), 9801971312(Maharajgunj)

Min Order : Rs.2000+ Delivery Rs.100

8.  SastoDeal.com

Minimum Order: Rs.1000

You can use this contact information and order the groceries you need for yourself or your family. Stay home, stay healthy.


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