LOCUS 2020 To Host Machine Learning Application To Identify DNA

5th January 2020, Kathmandu

LOCUS 2020 is organizing an interesting talk show event on Machine Learning Application to Identify DNA-binding Protein from the Sequence by Asst. Prof. Dr. Avdesh Mishra, Texas A&M University. Machine Learning Trends in Nepal, There’s a record amount of exciting Machine Learning and Deep Learning programs nationwide and keeping track of them may prove to be a challenge Machine Learning is deemed to be the main driver of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Learn and earn about how you can take advantage of the unprecedented progress in Machine Learning technologies at this event.

17th National Technological Festival In NepalSpeaker Profile: Advesh Mishra is an Assistant Professor with the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, USA. He received his Ph.D. and MS. degrees in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans, LA, USA.His research interests include areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Computational and Structural Biology, Biomedical informatics, Evolutionary computation, information retrieval, and text mining, and Big data.


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