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30th November 2022, Kathmandu

Loqate, a GBG solution, the leader in global address verification, has been selected by Shoplazza, an award-winning eCommerce platform, to ensure accurate premise-level location data for its merchants in China to enable streamlined cross-border commerce.

Shoplazza powers more than 360,000 online stores in over 150 countries with its all-in-one eCommerce platform.

The SaaS platform empowers global merchants to build, operate and grow their DTC e-commerce business independently and globally.

Integrating Loqate into Shoplazza’s platform will increase checkout efficiency, improve conversion rates, and reduce failed delivery, ensuring an exceptional customer experience, no matter where they are located. Loqate’s premise-level data for the US & Europe will power cross-border trade from China, supporting Shoplazza’s mission to expand its presence in North America and Europe.

This is a huge growth opportunity for online retailers – China’s cross-border eCommerce imports and exports in 2020 were 1.69 trillion yuan ($260 billion), an increase of 31.1 percent yearly. This upward trend continued in the first three quarters of 2021, with cross-border e-commerce trade increasing by 20.1 percent annually.

Loqate is used by over 14,000 businesses worldwide, including Lego, IBM, and Gymshark. Through years of experience and development, Loqate has pioneered a new way to capture, verify and enrich customer data.

Through a single global API, combining millions of data points from 249 countries and territories, Loqate assists at every point in the data lifecycle journey, from improved UX and increasing conversion rates to multiple downstream benefits, including reducing failed deliveries, improved data quality, and fraud detection.

Matthew Furneaux, Director of Location Intelligence at Loqate, said, “International expansion is a massive opportunity for retailers, with the cross-border eCommerce market expected to reach a value of $2.25 trillion by 2026. But this must be done with customer experience front of mind – our research revealed that 41% of customers would blame the retailer if their order is late, and 40% would abandon their cart and seek out a competitor if they face addressing entry issues.

At Loqate, we understand locations better than the people who live there. Only with the best quality location data will the brand be enabled to take full advantage of the growing international consumer market. We are excited to partner with Shoplazza, bringing Loqate’s most curated location data to their ecosystem of retailers and brands and helping them reach customers across the globe.”

Xia Bing, Chief Technology Officer at Shoplazza, said, “As a leading eCommerce SaaS platform, we are always committed to making online selling quicker and easier than ever before, so that any business, no matter how big or small, can build, manage, and scale their online store.

This partnership with Loqate is the latest addition to our industry leading partner ecosystem that enables us to deliver the best experience for our customer and help merchants and brands owners become more successful.”

For more information, watch our on-demand webinar with Shoplazza here, where we discuss how location intelligence can comprehensively improve the core indicators such as user conversion, delivery performance operational efficiency, and user experience, or visit: Click Here.


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