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20th December 2020, Kathmandu

OPPO recently launched its latest handset OPPO F17 Pro in Nepal, on September end. The Immediate hit, OPPO F17 Pro introduced fashionable technology in an Ultra-Sleek smartphone body. Which ensured users to witness cutting-edge AI portrait photography features packed into a truly premium design, with functions that makes life more efficient. Since the launch, F17 – series is receiving overwhelming love from its fans. So, why are customers loving the handset so much? Here, we intend to present you with three of its major features which highlights why the product stands out from the crowd.

1. Sleek with a Premium Design

Designed with a 7.48mm Ultra-Sleek Body that easily slides into a pocket and jacket without the bulge, or tucks neatly into a small bag or clutch OPPO F17 Pro gives users a premium experience like no others.

To achieve a category-leading 7.48mm ultra-thin and 164g ultra-lightweight body, F17 Pro uses an industry-leading design to optimize and fit the mainboard, battery, and other components into its slim design. Seen for the first time in a smartphone, F17 Pro introduces a thin 220 Degree Edge that also offers a more comfortable and smoother in-hand feel. This is thanks to F17 Pro’s Rounded edge design technique.

OPPO F17 Pro Technology

To ensure that users are fully immersed in their content, F17 Pro’s 6.43’’ dual punch-hole display comes with a brilliant FHD+ Super AMOLED Display with a large 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. The display uses Mini Dual-Punch Holes that boast the industry’s smallest camera diameter of only 3.7mm and ensures that the phone screen’s real estate is maximized so that users fully enjoy their video games and can see every detail in their shot.

Of course, a phone’s look isn’t complete without a trendy back cover design. F17 Pro introduced Shiny Matte, which sees the return of the shimmers and brilliant streaks of light that users enjoyed with the last F Series phone. But with F17 Pro, the design has been updated with not only a premium feel that’s soft to the touch and easy on the eyes but is now also fingerprint resistant too. F17 Pro comes with the Shiny Matte texture in two colors; Magic Blue and Matte Black.

2. Cutting-Edge Camera Technology

Oppo F17 Pro Camera

F17 Pro packs a camera powerhouse that’s designed to give users the skills to “Flaunt their Photography” like a professional. With a suite of six AI portrait cameras embedded within F17 Pro, one can flaunt photos of themselves to show off the best within with easy-to-use portrait photography and video stabilization features.

The front of the phone boasts a Dual Cam that empowers users to easily flaunt beautiful selfie portraits that use hardware-level processing to add a bokeh effect to the photos. In fact with Dual Lens Bokeh, users are equipped not only to capture portrait selfie photographs, but the feature has been upgraded to support both videos and multiple-people in the shot. With software-level AI processing, the finest of details on a person including their earrings and hair are accounted for and won’t end up being blurred out in the final footage.

But a bokeh effect is just a taste of the several ways one can flaunt their photography skills to capture clearer and more colorful portraits that empower them to express their creativity. AI Portrait Color enables one to capture fashionable urban street style photos or travel photos from a new perspective by making portraits pop with color. AI Portrait Color mutes the background colors black and white while enhancing the natural colors of the person or a group of people within the photo using AI. In the vein of capturing one in their best moment, F17 Pro comes with photography features that ensure that their natural beauty and all facial details are preserved in the final shot. AI Super Clear Portrait guarantees that even the finest facial details like their eyebrow are clearly represented, or can even be reconstructed, while AI Beautification 2.0 enhances the natural skin tone, retains the Tika, and adds fuller and more pronounced eye features on women. On men, AI Beautification 2.0 enhances their eyes, beard, and eyebrows.

To empower users to capture the best low light portraits, AI Night Flare Portrait is an OPPO-exclusive feature that combines the bokeh effect and lowlight-HDR algorithms to capture artistic photos that add beautiful night flares on portrait photos shot against the backdrop of city lights. Or if bokeh effects aren’t their cup of tea, and if they are looking to capture a selfie in the evening, AI Super Night Portrait makes sure that the selfie results in a brightened and clear shot even in low light conditions. On top of these features that will add a professional flair to the photos, the third generation of Ultra Steady Video enables one to effortlessly film a vlog while walking down the street but ensure that they’re capturing stabilized, clearer, and sharper videos. Ultra Steady Video uses a hardware-software solution that combines the Electronic Image Stabilization algorithm with an embedded gyroscope within the front-facing camera so you’ll be able to capture the moment, on-the-go, or even on-the-run, without the jittery footage.

3. Fast without Waiting on a Charge

For those times when one is in need of a high-performance phone, F17 Pro hits the spot. Users can flaunt the fast life with the ability to rapidly charge their phone using OPPO’s 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 technology.

30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 is OPPO’s proprietary rapid-charge technology that can quickly charge the phone just in five minutes. With only a five minute charge, one can either get four hours of talk time, two more hours to browse Instagram or thirty-five minutes of PUBG gaming. But it only takes 53 minutes to fully replenish the battery, or if someone is in the middle of an important game or video simply charge the phone without worrying whether their battery might run out faster than it charges.

But while speed is of the essence, F17 Pro ensures that for every charge the users are safe and secure. VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 not only charges the phone more efficiently to ensure that their device won’t overheat. Plus F17 Pro also comes with precautionary measures that can first detect, then alert users to the presence of moisture, and finally instantly stop charging the phone.

F17 Pro even introduces ways to optimize the phone’s battery life during the day or while one is asleep. At night, AI Night Charging uses AI Learning through machine learning to learn the user’s sleep habits and charge the phone exactly to 100% upon the moment they wake up from their slumber. In the worst-case scenario, if one is without a battery charger during the day, Super Power Saving Mode optimizes the last 5% of the battery life by turning the display black and white, while running just six predetermined apps.

Bonus :

F17 Pro is available throughout Nepal at Rs. 43,990. While F17 is priced at Rs. 33,990.


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