Massive Supports of Tootle and Pathao #iamwithtootle

टुटल एपका प्रयोगकर्ता

Tootle that started as an IT company has gained massive support for providing the service of ride sharing with free two-wheel riders nearby. Tootle and Pathao were marked as illegal since they use private vehicles to operate as public transportation. Although this may seem right by the law, public users choose to disagree. They have strongly pointed out the fact that Tootle and Pathao have achieved what the government hasn’t been able to do for a very long time, manage the transportation system by properly fixed fare rates, tracking system, and comfortable calling for rides. The company keeps track of each trip and has been a great alternative to those who hate traveling in packed buses or in taxis that have no fixed fare.

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With the absence of proper transportation service and taxi riders setting their price as per will, the functions of Tootle and Pathao have been a game changer for transportation. So, instead of punishing and demotivating such innovative ideas based on the laws that were made decades ago, the current situation needs to be considered, and formulations need to be made by the government to support such initiations.

The public has even started a campaign #iamwithtootle on social media to show support for the idea that Tootle presents in the real context of Nepal. Just like the saying, “With necessity comes ideas”, Tootle has managed to create an excellent platform for solving the transportation crisis of the valley.

Some of the tweets and posts from some of the huge names of Nepal are listed below:


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