5th July 2019, Kathmandu

The ‘Smarter’ Mobile app, which can help school level students, is now public. Mahajodi Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha inaugurated the mobile app brought in the operation by Max Connect Pvt. Ltd.

 Jeet Raghav, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Max Connect, said that Smarter app was brought to targeted students from class 4 to 9. He said that the students can study with audio/visual references while sitting at home through online and offline platforms.

Through the maximum use of technologies, we have brought the app to promote paperless education, CEO said that according to the course of Nepal, the app has been provided with video content, which can be used by multiple users too. He said that every student can take the service by applying Rs. 5,000 per annual fee. The company has plans to reach every school through its dealers across the country.

While launching the app, Mahajodi said that they couldn’t use such advanced technology during their study, so they hope the younger generation has access to a mobile app that can be used for their educational benefits.

The connect team has been providing service to 400 schools of Nepal and India and 2 lakh 57 thousand students through the ‘MAX Connect ERP’ mobile app. Max Connect says that the student, teacher, school, and guardians are provided the service through one app.

The use of technology in the educational sector is a must for the future, and with apps like Smarter, the system is headed in the right direction to provide access to students via technology they use.

“Max Connect” makes Mobile Application for schools, and Connect students, schools, teachers, and parents.


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