2nd May Declared Nepal’s National ICT Day

May 2nd ICT day is endorsed by cabinet yesterday. This is another milestone for the development of ICT Industry of Nepal. Great Achievement CAN Federation, as a part of Silver Jubilee celebrations of CAN Federation, Government of Nepal endorsed May 2, ICT Day [celebrating with initiation of CAN Federation with support from Government since last 7 years] as National ICT Day and now onwards will be published in Government Calendar.

CAN Federation President Er. Binod Dhakal thanked  Hon’ble Prem Bahadur Singh, Minister for Science & Technology and entire Cabinet for the support. This is one of the milestones for the development of ICT Industry in Nepal, he added. he also thanks all the supporters till today who supported to celebrate 2nd May as ICT day for the last 7 years. Together we CAN, change the nation with aggressive use of ICT.