Meet With ICT Entrepreneur From Nepal, Sudip Ghimire

Information Technology Entrepreneur From Nepal

Vice President of CAN Federation Dolakha District, Member of npCert, Managing Director at DIT Solution, Software Developer, Facilitator,  Youth ICT Motivator, ICT Youth Mobilizer, ICT Learner, A Young Dynamic Leader From Dolakha District of Nepal, Mr. Sudip Ghimire. He Serves Social service through his sector in Information Technology.

Twenty-First Century is the century of Information Communication & Technology driven by Tech Industry. Mr. Sudip Ghimire is one of the prominent in the field of Information Technology of Nepal. He has the valuable experience of running a tech business name DIT Solution Where Mr. Ghimire teaches works and develops from the basics of IT to the pinnacle of IT Programming. He is smart in programming nowadays he is showing a keen interest in Python Programming and Artificial Intelligence.

As the Technology leader, he has been leading the major works in his tech business (DIT Solution) for more than a decade.

He has got the especial talent in expressing his ideas in a lucid and fluent way. He is the teacher who does not only teach but also inspires his students for learning more. Mr. Ghimire, the permanent resident of Dolakah District always believes in motivated more youngster in Software Industry of Nepal.

Currently, to solve the problems in the field of accommodating and housing industry, he has just created the real state startup called In the same way, he is the main person behind the news portal called which aims to create the new dimension of live digital broadcasting. He wants to contribute and innovate to novel technologies in the field of video production, real-time animation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Meet with him: Click Here


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