Marketing and Business Head at Three Monks Sharita Shrestha

One of the renowned figures in Nepalese IT Industry, Ms. Sharita Shresthais well known for her way of managing the integration of marketing, operating and financing an IT company to construct the proper organization. She has been involving in an IT field for several years and currently holds the position as the Marketing and Business Head of Three Monks Pvt. Ltd., which is a leading FinTech Company.

A graduate from Purbanchal University, Ms. Shrestha started her early career in the IT field as a Tele Marketing & Sales Executive at Ultra Group where she used to deal with clients as well as maintain customer contacts. With different types of handful experiences as a Program Coordinator along with Manager, she has put herself in the peak position in an IT industry who also served as the Manager at Federation of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) for more than 4 years. She believes in her expertise to understand and manage the integration of marketing, sales, operations and her different types of managerial abilities which make her noteworthy personnel in this field.

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