Finally here comes good news that we have been dreaming about for a long time. There couldn’t be any better news than this for all the mobile users.

Now you don’t need to worry about your lost, broken and non-operating mobile because someone has entered with a solution for those entire things. Next good news is that the data stored in those mobiles phone will be safe; it will not be crashed or deleted. All these services provided by a company known as ‘Mero Surakshya.’ To activate this service one should have to pay 5 percent of total mobile cost annually.

Similarly, if you will lose your mobile than the company will provide the new set with 50 percent of your investment; the company is planning to decline it to 30 percent. For new mobile set and maintenance ‘Mero Surakshya’ has already done the agreement with various mobile companies.

Within a week of its beginning, the application has been downloaded by 8000 users informed CEO of Mero Surkashya, Prem Sunwar. The company is being operated by ten computer engineer and information technology experts.

Mero Surakshya is a unique Smartphone protection plan which offers a dedicated solution that helps to minimize the cost of repairing or replacing the phone if lost, stolen or damaged. It not only provides substantial protection to your phone but also ensures your data is secure and backed up. Mero Surakshya aspires to provide a service which strives at shielding your device and wallet against things that a manufactures warranty does not.

The company offers comprehensive coverage and natural claims. To avoid unfavorable incidents, secure your phone with a company’s protection plan to save your valuable time and money. Understanding the importance of phones in our day to day life, The Company has created a unique protection plan that secures the phone as well as is very cost friendly.

Mero Surakshya ensures that it protects phones from fire damage, liquid damage, accidental damage, loss or theft, data backup, and a 24/7 support system. The company aspires to become Nepal’s first company to provide a protection plan for the device.

“As a customer and service driven company, our major priority is to set and meet our customer’s expectation. We aim in taking a proactive approach to customer service. Building a trusted relationship with our customer is our top precedence. We assure in being our customers trusted advisor for their devices. We are working to make our relationship with the customers very personal”, said the company.

The application is available in both operating systems, Android and IOS.


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