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19th May 2024, Kathmandu

In the current digital era, innovation and technological development are expanding quickly across nearly all industries, and they are quickly becoming a necessary prerequisite for every industry. Since transparent transactions, a safe and practical installment payment plan, real-time settlement and notification, and many other features are crucial for customers in the hire purchase sector, the expanding digital utility is applicable to the hire purchase industry.

MHPL Mobile App Launches

Hence, the launch of ‘MHPL App’ is a milestone to provide ease of service to customers.

With the launch of the ‘MHPL’ app, now a convenient option will be available for customers to do their loan payment transactions digitally. Now the old obligation of customers to be physically present to know the status of their loan will also be removed.

This app was developed by MHPL with careful consideration for consumer needs and in-depth research. The MHPL app has the following features built in.

  • Details about the loan, including the amount owed and the due date for payments
  • The app offers safe and practical electronic EMI payment options.
  • Notifications of loan status updated in real time
  • Interface that is easy to use for a hassle-free experience

The “MHPL App” was introduced in a formal ceremony held in Kathmandu by Mr. Vishnu Agarwal, Managing Director of MAW Group of Companies, and Mr. Prananath Bhattarai, General Manager of MHPL.

At MHPL, we’ve been working hard to improve the facilities for our clients on a constant basis. The “MHPL App” launch today is a significant step toward our goal of improving our customer relationships through digital means. Customers can now access real-time transaction insights through the MHPL app.

Director General of MHPL Prananath Bhattarai stated, “This is just the beginning. We are continuously committed to enriching the features of the app by addressing the market demand.”

In the hire purchase industry, MHPL, which is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank and promoted by MAW Group, is a reputable brand. The business has already served over 30,000 clients nationwide with its services. Through its wide network, it has so far given loans totaling 10.19 billion rupees throughout Nepal.

MHPL offers loans for heavy equipment, two-wheelers, used cars, commercial vehicles, cars powered by fossil fuels or electricity, and agricultural and heavy machinery.

The group has declared that, in an effort to boost the nation’s economy, it will lend money to different businesses so that they can develop self-employment.

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