Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal Announced Dev/Tech Day V4.0

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is organizing Dev/Tech Day V4.0 for IT professionals and Software developers working in various technology platforms representing different organizations and technical communities in Nepal.
Dev/Tech Day gives you a full day of hands-on learning, industry insights, an opportunity to network with industry people & experts—all in one place. Secure your spot now!

Dev/Tech Day aims to bring professionals together under one roof from various backgrounds to educate them about multiple latest technologies by bringing about a high-end conference on techniques that have never been discussed or trained in any other events in Nepal, primarily those technologies, that were released currently or that are the hot cakes in the industry today.
As it’s said, ‘Real learning is possible only thru sharing skills and expert knowledge with the immediate coherent community that one belongs to.’, the conference is back for the second time in 2016 to give you complete insight on end-to-end technology stack learning through PowerPoint presentations, demos and face-to-face interactions in the areas of advanced computing with infrastructure technologies, platform, and development tools bringing together the power of cloud first and mobile first world thru integrated applications and services.
Every participant of Dev/Tech Day V4 will receive a Microsoft t-shirt, certification, and free lunch.