Microsoft Reportedly Plans To Launch Two New Large Screen Surface Tablets

Since Apple has invented huge iPad Pro with a big 12.9-inch screen, it is time that Microsoft has come up with a product named the Surface Pro 4 to go head to head with it. Microsoft is planning to launch two different sized Surface Pro 4. There will be one with a 12″ display while the other will be a 14″ display.
Each of these tablets possibly has a 2k resolution as the Surface Pro having 2160 x 1400 pixels. There is info saying that Microsoft has given a large order for Samsung 256 GB SSD that is going to be used in Surface Tablet. The processor used is Intel Core M Processor brand the Skylake and not to mention the OS is Windows 10. Skylake can handle 4K video output at 60 frames per second and can process this for three 4K displays. The video watching and gaming are going to be awesome.
The mini versions of Surface Pro 4 can give the benefits of a tablet as well as Desktop use by connecting to a larger display directly. Surface Pro 4 is available having the storage options of 64/128/256 and 500 GB. A new camera has been added as well. A new peripheral keyboard cover is also available like the one in Surface Pro 3 and there comes a pen named as the Surface Pen. The 12″ model costs about $800 while the larger 14″ model costs $100 to $150 more.