CSI Nepal today completed an Cyber Security awareness program at St.

Lawrence College at Chabahil. The campaign which was started off by Dr. Ramhari Subedi CEO of CSI Nepal as received overwhelming support and now has successfully concluded its 14th session. Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari and Mr. Bikram Khadka were the speakers during the session.

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 Mr. Bikram Khadka started off the program with a brief explanation on overall evolution of IT and web threats in specific. He gave the audience the idea about web security threats and efforts to be placed to enhance the security. He focused on the need of realization by general public about the importance of security in the cyberspace and the real threat of cyber crime present.

Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari carried ahead with the presentation.

He talked about the ongoing trend of cyber crimes through social media in Nepal and some real facts and figures about the security threat prevalent in the world. Some real incidents of cyber crime were also presented during the session making the need of cyber security more believable and necessary. Talking about the need to give IT professionals more opportunity in the market Mr. Adhikari also stressed the need for this group of stakeholders to make efforts in spreading word about cyber security.

As in other programs, the speakers provided valuable information and tips to be safe in the cyberspace and urged the audiences to follow the security measures while using it and take the cyber threat as a real and serious one.