Ministry Of Finance Launches New Software To Enable And Open Share AID Data


Saturday, September 7, 2019, Kathmandu

Ministry of finance of Nepal has launched new software to keep a record of all the donations amount and aid that has been sent to Nepal. The questions of aid effectiveness have been raised in the international development arena and intense academic debate has been there since a few past years. Nepal has launched the software to keep the record of every data, which is known as aid information management system.

A Computer Engineer, Amar Subedi said, “This proves that we do have capacities to develop such software to enable open and share aid data”

Lack of aid transparency has been widely discussed as the main impediments as aid effectiveness. This type of software enables the donor and recipient’s government data open and transparent.

According to Subedi, “Previously we had another software named aid management platform but now we have replaced it with new software called aid information management system”

The software was launched by the ministry of finance on Wednesday.

There is a great challenge to aid coordination because of information problems. This kind of software helps to bring some good development outcomes as well. “WHO IS DOING WHAT AND WHERE” also helps increase better coordination among stakeholders, governments and donor countries.

Various developing countries have been using such software, the website for better development outcomes. Aid Information Management Systems has much to offer for productive work on the nation. We cannot deny the fact that transparency is one a feature of good governance.


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