Miss Universe Nepal Student

10 June 2024, Kathmandu

Global Glamor Venture Pvt. Ltd, the organizer of Miss Universe Nepal 2024, has successfully completed a student empowerment session at Namuna College of Fashion and Technology.

This engaging session featured a series of motivational activities designed to inspire students towards personal and career advancement.

Miss Universe Nepal Student Empowerment

The highlight of the program was the renowned singer Indira Joshi, whose inspirational address encouraged students to embrace positive thinking, self-belief, and persistent efforts in pursuit of their goals.

Drawing from her own experiences, she offered invaluable guidance on navigating challenges and harnessing one’s full potential for success.

To make the session more interactive, a question-and-answer segment was conducted, allowing students to engage directly with Indira Joshi.

Their feedback highlighted that the session not only addressed their inquiries effectively but also imparted valuable new insights.

Joshi led various group discussions, role-playing exercises, and creative challenges focused on fashion and technology to enhance students’ self-expression and confidence.

She encouraged students to work in team, present new ideas, and showcase their abilities. Global Glamor Venture Pvt. Ltd., the organizer of Miss Universe Nepal 2024, believes that such sessions will foster self-confidence, creativity, and leadership skills in students.

With the enthusiastic participation of over 70 students, the organizer stated that similar sessions will be conducted in all seven provinces throughout Nepal.

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