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18th September 2023, Kathmandu

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable manufacturing, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has joined forces with Evercomm, a Singapore-based software provider, to pioneer a standard methodology for tracking carbon emissions in the manufacturing sector across the Asia-Pacific region.

This innovative partnership aims to address the pressing need for intelligent, low-carbon solutions for industries ahead of COP 28, facilitating a shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

In a significant step towards environmental responsibility and sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has announced a strategic partnership with Evercomm, Singapore.

This collaboration seeks to overcome the key barriers hindering the adoption of intelligent manufacturing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. These barriers include employee resistance to technology adoption, a lack of necessary skills, and the need to define the value of smart manufacturing.

Manufacturing industries are under increasing pressure due to growing carbon tax regulations, which demand greater transparency in vendor authenticity and compliance with governmental CO2 emissions regulations related to energy consumption and industrial processes.

Mitsubishi Electric and Evercomm have come together to provide cutting-edge manufacturing solutions tailored specifically for heavy and automated industry sectors. These solutions aim to assess and reduce CO2 emissions more efficiently, making a significant impact on the industry landscape.

According to Chen Chiu-Hao (Ted), CEO of Evercomm, Singapore, “Data transparency is imperative in today’s industry landscape, especially when it comes to carbon reporting and accountability in Asia. Our technology empowers industries to transition towards lower-carbon practices.”

This partnership aligns with Singapore’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The Singapore government actively supports the industry in building robust manufacturing capabilities through green technology. Prime Minister Lee emphasized the need for global cooperation in areas such as creating reliable supply chains, fostering an environment for decarbonization investments, and facilitating climate transitions through high-integrity carbon markets during the recent G20 summit.

Kunihiko Seki, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Asia, stated, “Ahead of COP 28, we aim to lead the transformation of the manufacturing sector. By combining our automation expertise with precise carbon emission verification, we are poised to redefine smart manufacturing practices in the region.”

Through this partnership, Evercomm and Mitsubishi Electric will offer integrated solutions, combining Evercomm’s software and Mitsubishi Electric’s products to help customers achieve carbon neutrality. The companies plan to consolidate manufacturing site data on CO2 emissions and reductions collected by Mitsubishi Electric’s SCADA into Evercomm’s management software.

This consolidation will provide industries with increased carbon efficiency, transparency, and enhanced efficiency. The use of this proprietary software can boost data authenticity by up to 90%, increase carbon accounting productivity by up to 80%, and reduce third-party verification costs significantly.

Six Key Benefits of This Partnership:

Carbon Emission Verification: The platform focuses on verifying carbon emissions, ensuring reliable data for decision-making and reporting.

Carbon Footprint Management: Businesses can better understand and quantify their carbon footprint, including emissions from energy consumption and transportation.

Automation: The partnership offers automation solutions, simplifying carbon footprint disclosure and enhancing accuracy.

Net-Zero Planning: Supports businesses in achieving net-zero carbon emissions through planning and management tools.

Digital Transformation: Streamlines sustainability reporting, integrating environmental considerations into business strategies.

Regulatory Compliance: Provides accurate carbon emissions data for compliance with environmental regulations.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia has a strong track record in developing carbon-neutral and energy-saving management systems within factory automation, robotics, and industrial technology. Their solutions reduce energy consumption, optimize operational efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

By 2051, Mitsubishi Electric has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain and zero emissions from factories and offices by 2031. This partnership with Evercomm enhances their ability to support industries in becoming ESG-compliant, improve digital automation and energy monitoring, and now includes greenhouse gas monitoring, ultimately reducing costs.

About Evercomm:

Evercomm is a software company dedicated to helping businesses achieve net-zero emissions. Their proprietary carbon accounting platform tracks, measures, and analyzes CO2 emissions, translating them into carbon emission values per ISO 14064-1 standards.

All data undergoes third-party verification, ensuring the integrity of carbon accounting reports. Headquartered in Singapore, Evercomm collaborates with the United Nations and Singaporean government agencies. Visit for more information.

About Mitsubishi Electric Asia:

Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer of products ranging from home electronics to industrial and factory automation, semiconductors, public utility systems, and defense and space systems. Established in Singapore in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has provided reliable, high-quality products to homes, businesses, and industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia aims to be a marketing and engineering hub with a strategic presence in the region, continually striving to change for the better with every move.


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