Mobile Network Wins Wi-Fi Network Speed- Reports

According to one study, it has been found that the speed of the mobile network is faster than of Wi-Fi network in various countries. The download speed test which was conducted in 80 various countries shows the speed of the Wi-Fi network is less than of mobile network in 33 countries.

Open Signal- a Wireless coverage mapping company said in future after the emergence of the 5G network the speed of mobile data will increase more progressively.

Among the surveyed country, most of the nation takes Wi-Fi as the fastest medium for online surfing.

According to Open Signal, the congestion of the Wi-Fi signal is one of the major causes for weakening the speed of Wi-Fi in many countries. The waves of Wi-Fi strikes with each other if there are a number of Wi-Fi networks in one single place which creates a disturbance within the signals and slows down the speed of the network.

Although the speed of Wi-Fi network is faster than of mobile data in various countries, the majority of people are found to use Wi-Fi network and comparatively, it has a better feedback from the users, states the report. In Australia, the download speed of mobile data is faster than Wi-Fi networks by 13Mbps. Likewise, countries like Qatar, France, Mexico, and South Africa has also a faster mobile network than Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, America, Thailand, Israeli and Russia, the Wi-Fi speed is twice as high as mobile internet speeds. As per the report, out of 50 countries with an access to 4G service, 63 percent of them have the fastest mobile network than Wi-Fi.

The differences in the speed will be more after the arrival of 5G network. Since it will be tough for 5G networks to reach in all the corners of the world, the Wi-Fi networks will take a long time to win the race of speed with a Mobile network.

According to the Open Signal, from now onwards smartphone manufacturers will have the challenges to prevent users from pushing over Wi-Fi signal from mobile networks.

Recently, Chinese mobile company ‘Huawei’ has made a smartphone that can grasp the fastest network. Similarly, Samsung has also tried to make similar kind of phone that will use both mobile and Wi-Fi network to increase the browsing speed.


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