Every people in the world is familiar with the word mobile. As we all know that mobile is a portable  device. So mobile technology simply means the portable technology. This technology can be carried with you wherever you go, either in the same country or any part of the other world. This is 21st century, we can see various mobile technologies in the market. They can also be bought and some technology come along with the mobile phone which we buy. In ancient times there used to be wireless communication, still they used to be very difficult to come in use. But now in this time there is no word like difficulty in communication. Wherever, in any part of the world we go, we can communicate with the people we want to at any time at any particular place. It has no boundaries.

Before there used to be 2G then there came 3G and now latest is 4G which makes the binding of your communication stronger as well as faster. We don’t have to wait for a longer time to communicate with another person, we can contact to that very person at the same time. From 3G technology, we have got another benefit and that is if your mobile holds 3G signal then you can also video chat with other people, you can also send video messages without any delay. CDMA technology has also been used the past years and also in present days. We can also have conference call, means we can talk with more than one person at the same time.

There are also many Operating System in the mobile phone like we have in our computers, laptops and so on. There are operating systems like Android, IOs, Windows Mobile Professional (touch screen), Windows Mobile Standard (non- touch screen), Bada, Blackberry OS, Symbian and web OS. Among all these Android, IOs, Blackberry OS are mostly used by the people carrying smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry phone respectively. Android was launched by google especially for them. It has also got various versions and the latest version after KitKat is lollipop. IOs was launched by Apple for iPhones and it has also got many versions, it started from IOs 1 and now has reached to IOs 7 and there is news that it is introducing new IOs very soon. Blackberry OS was introduced by Blackberry company for their smartphones. All these operating system makes a smartphone better with new software with which they will be applicable to the latest technologies.

We all know that, these days we can download any application likes games, GPS, utilities and many other tools with the help of the operating system. Good thing is that we can also make our own application about any topic and publish them in either google play store or Apple apps store. People with idea of mobile technology has got a very bright future as the future of computing might rest on the mobile technology.

We all have been using apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Flipkart, Kaymu, Snapdeal, Hike, snapchat and so on. There with the help of these applications we can talk with our friends, family without any charge in presence of wireless network. We can also buy anything whether it is clothes or gadgets or home groceries online and have shipping in our respective home only with the help of the applications. These all are also like the magic of the mobile technologies.

Lately, with the help of the mobile technologies, we can create the bank account in any bank and deposit and transfer money at the same time. We can also pay for the things via our mobile phones. We can send emails, voicemails, push messages, pictures and videos from the mobile phone. We can also check the availability of the stocks in the market and also check the prices of the materials.