Molex MX-DaSH Connector

8th May 2024, Kathmandu

Molex Combines High-Speed Data, Signal, and Power in MX-DaSH Data-Signal Hybrid Connector Portfolio to Optimize Next-Gen Automotive Architectures

  • Innovative family of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors ideally suited to meet growing demand for in-cable and zonal architecture applications

  • Compact, robust connectors combine functionality to save valuable space while empowering design engineers to reduce wiring harness costs and complexity

  • A unified connectivity solution lowers weight and Bill-of-Materials (BOM) while automated assembly simplifies manufacturing and decreases labor requirements

  • Versatile line-up accommodates different terminal sizes and types, elevating freedom to mix-and-match connectors for use across diverse vehicle designs and applications

Molex MX-DaSH Connector Portfolio

Molex, a global electronics leader and connectivity innovator, continues to build on its automotive industry expertise with the introduction of its MX-DaSH family of data-signal hybrid connectors that unify power, signal, and high-speed data connectivity in a single connector system. These innovative wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors are designed to support the transition to zonal architecture and address the full range of emerging applications requiring reliable data transmission. These include autonomous driving modules, camera systems, GPS and infotainment devices, LiDAR, high-resolution displays, sensor-device connectivity, and more.

“The complete MX-DaSH portfolio enables automotive designers to reimagine vehicle electronics by integrating power and high-speed data transmissions within a single connector system to achieve major savings in size, space, cost, and labor,” said Greg Everly, director, of new product introduction for Molex, Transportation Innovative Solutions (TIS). “Our holistic approach lets designers mix and match different types of terminals, offering greater freedom and flexibility to support zonal architectures and simplify wiring harnesses.”

Optimizing Innovative Automotive Designs

MX-DaSH connectors are available with sealed and unsealed options to optimize next-gen automotive architectures with assorted environmental and design requirements. Versatile configurations support different power and signal terminal sizes, such as 0.50, 0.64, 1.20, 1.50, 2.80 or 4.80mm, as well as high-speed FAKRA Mini (HFM®) modules for high-speed data transmission.

To ensure heightened reliability, MX-DaSH wire-to-wire connectors feature industry-leading male blade stabilization and independent secondary locks for robust and reliable terminal mating. Moreover, MX-DaSH empowers automotive engineers to accommodate a growing mix of devices and sensors with different network requirements by offering modular sections or cartridges in the wire-to-board option that support various interfaces without changing form factors or footprints.

Reducing Cost and Complexity

With the new MX-DaSH family, automotive OEMs and their suppliers can better meet escalating demands for more compact, hybrid connectivity to support a multitude of automotive applications. For example, MX-DaSH makes it possible to reduce the number of inline, wire-to-board connectors for an instrument panel and body control harness from eight to two while removing up to six meters of copper wiring, depending on the specific vehicle model.

Multiple options in this connector system encompass a variety of wire-to-wire applications. For instance, the 31+1-Way connector system combines 31 power and ground circuits, as well as a high-speed data connection, to decrease packaging requirements by up to 30%. With more functionality built into every MX-DaSH connector, considerable time savings can be realized through streamlined harness installations. Fewer component requirements also offer increased opportunities to further reduce BOMs.

Additionally, MX-DaSH connectors have been designed for automated harness assembly to decrease cycle times and elevate overall manufacturing process efficiency and quality.

Product Availability

MX-DaSH connectors have been validated by global industry standards groups, including USCAR, Peugeot, and IEC, to ensure reliable performance under the harshest automotive environmental conditions. MX-DaSH wire-to-wire connector models are available, along with select wire-to-board models and custom configurations. A continued expansion of the product family is underway to help customers keep pace with evolving vehicle connectivity needs.

About Molex

Molex is a global electronics leader committed to making the world a better, more connected place. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex enables transformative technology innovation in the automotive, data center, industrial automation, healthcare, 5G, cloud, and consumer device industries. Through trusted customer and industry relationships, unrivaled engineering expertise, and product quality and reliability, Molex realizes the infinite potential of Creating Connections for Life.

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