IF you are IT students, obviously you would know what Kali Linux is. Even if you are unfamiliar about the Kali Linux, nothing to worry about, here I would help you to know all these in detail.

I guess you have installed an OS called windows in your laptop or PC. Likewise Kali Linux is also an Open-source OS. It is Debian-based Linux distribution (Earlier the Kali Linux distribution was known as BackTrack) and especially designed to help ethical hackers and security professionals with a wide range of tools for penetration testing, forensics, hacking and reverse engineering together into a single package.

Now the Latest version of Kali Linux 2016.2 was released with an updated Live ISO image and multiple variants of the GNU/Linux distribution with various Desktop Environments, specifically KDE, Xfce, MATE, LXDE, and Enlightenment (all available only for 64-bit platforms). Not only this, with this latest version of Kali, the team had promised to release the updated Live ISO images of Kali with new software versions and the latest security patches every week.

So there are many programs conducted each week to make it better, so now it has come up as exciting news for those involved in various hacking and security-related projects, since it is the most advanced and widely used distro for penetration testing and forensics.

Besides this, the packages incorporated in the previous Kali Linux ISOs need bug fixes and OS improvements, which are implemented in the most recent version of the Linux distro. You can even download the latest https://www.kali.org/downloads/   from its official website now. If you are really interested on security related work this would be the best OS for you. So use it and also note that the Kali Linux team has promised to bring a lot of exciting announcements in the next few weeks so keep it touch with us.