Free Big Data Workshop Nepal

MP Alliance is an initiative of MPercept Academy and MPercept Technology group in a mission to have Win-Win in this competitive world. They want to create a culture to teach cutting-edge technologies in Nepal as the world move. Their focus will be on Research oriented Learning to lead to innovation with entrepreneurial thoughts. This Session will help you to learn the fundamentals of Big Data with practical Hands-on classes.  First Come first Serve Basis on a selection.

Benefits of the event:

Training from Global Certified Instructor, Attendees will get scholarship up to 20% on any AI/ Big Data courses offered by MPercept Academy; Attendees will get a chance to learn other free Course we will be offering, Networking with Big Data Enthusiasts, Live sessions, Live coding workshop.
Venue: MPercept Academy Hall
Supported by: MPercept Technology
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM  You can register Here:


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