MSP WORKSHOP SESSION-III Conducted successfully at Microsoft innovation center (Author: Shishir) After the successful completion of  MSP workshop Session- I  and  Session- II we moved to Session III on October 23 and 24. These days were scheduled to be taught  PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor), a server-side scripting language also called open source scripting language. The trainer Ms. Prithika Suwal and assistant trainers Mr. Milan Thapa, Mr.Binod Jung Bogati, Mr. Madan Panthi, and Mr. Nikhil Pandey were there to handle the whole session.

IMG_20161023_105346On the first day, the starting of the session was carried on by Ms. Suwal and Mr. Thapa. All the attendees were requested to look after the required software whether they are correctly installed on a system or not. Then Mr. Thapa started his presentation on the setup process required to use XAMPP.

Note: XAMPP stands for Cross-platform     Apache MYSQL PHP Perl

       After the completion of XAMP setup, MS. Suwal and then Mr. Pandey went through their presentation in which attendees were taught about basic syntax and useful theory knowledge on PHP. We all were able to know that PHP runs on any platform as it is platform independent and a powerful tool or making various websites and so on.


Some of the course content covered on the first day of session- III are :

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Basic rules in PHP
  • PHP variable
    • Local variables
    • Global variables
    • Static variables
  • Displaying functions
    • Echo
    • Print
    • Printf
    • Print_r
    • var_dump
  • Data types
    • Scalar types
      • Integer
      • Float
      • Boolean
    • Compound types
      • String
      • Array
      • Object
    • Special types
      • Null
      • Resource
  • Scalar types
  • Types of Array

Array functions following day the starting was


done by Mr. Pandey and Mr. Panthi. They went through some of the functions and the way of calling the function. All the attendees were taught to create the database as well as use SQL and link them with PHP and display the result. Likewise on the previous session of Python here also we were supposed to build a simple app and display it. At the end of the day, attendees were able to show the output as simple App and link it with database and SQL.

IMG_20161023_112720Finally the whole MSP workshop of overall 6 days with the theme “ For MSP by MSP) came to the conclusion. The workshop was sweetly concluded by the motivating speech of the Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Regional Director of Microsoft. Last but not the least we all want to thank the organizer team consisting of three members Mr. Sujan Maharjan, Mr. Ujjwal Shakya and Mr. Milan Thapa for initiating such a workshop in a managed way so that all  can get useful knowledge. Also, we want to express considerable gratitude toward mic Nepal for supporting MSP’s in each and every  sector  to organize such a fruitful workshop. By