Nepal School on Internet governance 2018 (NPCG) has started the first time on Nepal from this Friday. The program was held on the first remembrance of Nepal Internet Governance Forum. After the fruitful results of the 2-day program, Internet Society Nepal has collaborated with the different institute.

The theme of the program is to provide the stage for the government affiliates so that useful discussion can relate with the case and system of Internet Governance. The event is located at ICT Center at Pulchowk Engineering, Lalitpur.

Internet Society Nepal’s’ President, Bikram Shrestha has explained that the program was organized for the capability development of government on a regional basis. The event has helped for acknowledgment of the internet system, different cases and condition on both locally and globally level.

The opening announcement is made by President of Internet Governance Forum Nepal and Election Commission Joint Secretary Birendra Kumar Mishra.  Mishra has pointed out his view on the focus of governance for internet development, promotion, and management.

 Internet Society of Nepal’s ex-president Advocate Baburam Aryal, Director General of  Information Technology Department Laxmi Yadav,  President of CAN Federation Hemanta Chaurasia has talked about this program.

The discussion and presentation are done on the very first day of the NPC internet program. Under this, facilitation is on related subject and research.  Around 50 participators including researchers and government representative, NGO’s and INGO’s persons, technical community, the business community, private community, media, and academically professional person have participated.

Nepal School of Internet Governance is an annual school where professors are trained about global internet governance system. Also, the different institute is participated and prepared with the view of acknowledging internet governance domains.


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