National CERT, An Initiation By Nepal Government

Computer Emergency Response Team of Nepal

Government has brought National CERT is to respond to Computer and Network Security incidents, report on Vulnerabilities and promote the effective ICT Security practices throughout Nepal.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers on Baisakh 17, Tuesday has approved the Information Technology Accidental Assistance Group Operations and Management regulations.

Government’s spokesperson Minister of Communication and  Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota talked about this in a regular press conference.

In this directory, challenges in cyber security such as security risks, management, and solutions are included and addressed.

The National CERT directive Committee is conceived within the directory. The committee will be led by the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the secretary of the Ministry will lead the Directorate of the National Committee. The Directorate committee will be able to direct the National CERT about the related tasks and programs regarding cybersecurity. Joint Secretary Birendra Kumar Mishra of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology said the new directories were brought to meet the increasing cybersecurity challenges seen currently. He said that the arrangements for regional sessions are made in the same directory.

He said, “The regional and Specific CERT has also been set up within the same regulation, sessions for financial, community, telecommunications, academic and separate surveys for security are also included.”

By keeping the ideas within this project, the government will be able to control and monitor the cybersecurity and its challenges currently seen in the country.


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