Spiralogics has taken yet another step forward to build a long term relationship with one of the best engineering colleges in the country. It gives us an immense pleasure to announce that an MOU has been signed between Spiralogics International and National College of Engineering (NCE) on the 15th of August. An MOU is an agreement between two or more parties which indicates an intended common line of action and collaboration.

The agreement was signed by the Head of Computer and Electronics Department of NCE, Mr. Pradip Adhikaree and the Operation Manager of Spiralogics, Ms. Anukha Wagley. The deal was witnessed by the Technical Manager, Mr. Arun Thapa, and Customer Success Manager, Ms. Nisha Paudel from Spiralogics as well as Ms. Rajina Pradhan, Manager of Spiralogics Institute of Technology.

Spiralogics has always desired to teach the new and upcoming developers with what it has learned over the years. Following this, the company has been joining hands with organizations that are committed towards the betterment of education and its students. Both the parties discussed the possible steps they can take together to implement the various points covered in the MOU along with how the students can benefit from it. Prof. Sangit Lal Makarmi, Chairman of  Electrical Engineering Subject Committee as well as a member of faculty board of IOE and an Academic Advisor for NCE who was also present there, shared his ideas on this matter as well.

A win-win situation for both parties

The emerging global job scenario warrants immediate, meaningful partnership between the Educational Institutions and Industries. The ultimate advantage of signing this agreement is to minimize the excessive use of time, energy and money required for the recruitment process and provide reciprocal benefits to the industries as well as the students who roll out of their academic life.

This agreement will help provide a platform for the students in internship, research and job opportunities. It will help the students be ready for professional work life, have access to the latest technology updates which will foster their employability skills and open many career opportunities for them. Meanwhile, Spiralogics too will be benefiting in terms of acquiring highly talented and hardworking students from this partnership.


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